Exploring Amsterdam for the First Time: An Insider's Guide

Insider Tips for Visitors: What to Do Once You Arrive in Amsterdam?

Taxi Bellen Utrecht proudly welcomes you to Amsterdam, the “Venice of the North”! Our city looks beautiful because of the many canals and waterways. If you are visiting us, please don’t forget to book Taxi Bellen Utrecht’s Amsterdam services. We can pick you up from the airport, take you to prominent places, and drop you off again on time. Whether a business trip or a tour, we are ready to offer you world-class taxi services at fixed rates. Fear not, dear traveler, even if it’s your first day in Amsterdam! This insider’s guide has tips and tricks to help you visit the best places and stay safe during your first trip.

Getting Around

People who visit Amsterdam wish to walk around or cycle to enjoy the scenic beauty. You would have read about it all over the internet. You can jump out and walk around like a local if you have a good pair of shoes. Cycling is also a good option. The public transport system is also at its best in the Netherlands. Purchase an OV-chipkaart to travel around on public transport. But if you are a first-timer, be careful about pickpocketing. If you feel insecure, you better book Taxi Bellen Utrecht for a safe Amsterdam experience. Our drivers know how to let you enjoy the city safely!

Essentials You Should Know

Schiphol Airport has baggage storage lockers. You can use them if the hotel check-in takes too long. 7-day storage lockers at the gates are handy. But if you have more oversized luggage, baggage storage is the best. The airport allows you to store your heavy luggage there for 30 days. You can keep your belongings safely and roam around without any worries. Once you get proper accommodation, you can book our taxi services to take the luggage to your domicile.

If you are here to go sightseeing, get an I Amsterdam City Card. You get free public transport, museum entry discounts, and access to the canal cruise. You can purchase anything from the local shops using cash or cards. But keep some Euros in hand as some smaller shops cannot accept cards. You cannot go around looking for Euros during emergencies, right? So come prepared.

Beyond the Tourist Trail

Don’t just visit tourist hotspots. If you need a more adventurous experience, why not visit hidden gems like The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes)? It has a set of streets full of fun-filled shops and canals. You can visit it to get a glimpse of the local life of the people of Amsterdam. If you want to see 17th-century houses, canals, and markets, don’t forget to visit Jordaan! Have you ever seen a floating flower market? If not, you should visit Bloemenmarkt. If you want to know more about local spots for sightseeing and fun, you should book Taxi Bellen Utrecht services. Our drivers have a good idea about the entire city. They know where to take you!

Must-See Museums

Why not visit the museums to learn more about the place’s history? Amsterdam has world-class museums. You can learn about Dutch art and admire our famous Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Vermeer masterpieces. Don’t forget to visit Rijksmuseum if you are coming to Amsterdam. For contemporary art, you can visit the Stedelijk Museum. Here, you will see the works of Picasso, Warhol, and Mondrian. Amsterdam is an art sanctuary! Don’t miss it.

Everything in Amsterdam is soothing to your eyes. Please book the safest taxi service in Amsterdam to ensure your journey goes well. It is Taxi Bellen Utretcht. Call 030 207 29 55 now to book our taxi services. We want to add more to this list but will return with more places and tips in a future blog. Stay connected.