3 Things To Know Before Taking A Taxi In Utrecht

Taking a taxi in the Netherlands is a little different, as in you cannot hail one randomly on the street. You can also phone a local taxi service like Taxi Bellen Utrecht, or catch one from a taxi stand commonly found in all major railway stations and airports. If you are in the Netherlands and need to take a taxi, here are a few tips to help you sail through:

Taking A Taxi In The Netherland Can Be Tricky:

Only drivers with a professional certificate can operate as taxi drivers. But if you\’re new to the country and do not know how things work, look for the blue number plate. When inside the taxi, the driver\’s license and tariff card is visible. Given the number of unlicensed taxi drivers operating in Utrecht, it makes sense to crosscheck the above details.

And that is why I suggest hiring a taxi in Utrecht. We offer private and corporate transport services and are available for a direct airport transfer from Utrecht to Schipol or vice versa. 

It Can Be Equally Tricky To Understand Taxi Fares:

As a rule, taxis run on a meter. But you could agree on fare prices before entering. Once you\’ve entered, this isn\’t possible. A lot of drivers offer to take you through the highway to save time and money. The latter is hardly the case because taking a motorway allows taxi drivers to charge by the kilometer. You could end up reaching the destination earlier but will have to pay more.

Another common scam is to hide the meter from view or set it to a higher minimum price. Some others claim to forget to turn on the meter, which is another excuse to charge you an exorbitant fee. At Taxi Bellen Utrecht, we offer a fixed low price and ensure excellent service.

A Private Taxi Is A Far Better Alternative:

Private taxi services like ours are booked by people looking for a convenient mode of transport. Private taxis are not only quicker, more efficient, and safe. Since the drivers are vetted, you don’t have to worry about safety. Or, about being scammed since it’s easy to expose their behavior through Google reviews!