Utrecht is a small but beautiful and lively city famous for medieval buildings, canals, and multiple wharf-side restaurants. It is also one of the few cycle-friendly cities in the world.

The people, too, are amazingly cool – live and let live seems to be the general attitude here. If you’re planning to visit Utrecht, here are a few fun things you should do:

Explore DOMunder:

If you’ve loved archaeology, a journey underneath the Domplein Square is a must. Visitors are taken underground, where they get to explore the city’s 2000-year-old culture. They are given an interactive flashlight – to learn more about an exhibit you’ll have to point the light on it and activate the audio guide. The DOMunder was awarded the best museum and heritage award in 2015 and is understandably one of its kind in the world.

Take A Boat Excursion In The Canals Of Utrecht:

There are plenty of companies offering a boat ride around the canals of Utrecht. Along the way, you get to admire some of the city’s most interesting places, including laundry spots from the Middle Ages, bridges, and the wharves. You could even hire a paddleboat to explore the canals on your own.

Climb The Dom Tower:

Being the tallest tower in the Netherlands, the Dom Tower offers a panoramic view of the city. Take a guided tour to understand the historical significance of the tower and its phased construction. You could also skip taking the 495 stairs and reach the top using a lift in less than 3 minutes.

Dine At One Of The Wharf-side Restaurants:

Whether you’re planning to grab a quick bite or planning a lavish dinner date, there are plenty of options in Utrecht. There are around 700 wharf cellars in the city, some of which date from 1150 and are even home to great restaurants.

Shop At One Of Utrecht’s Flea Markets:

Strolling through one of Utrecht’s flea markets can be fun and interesting. From fresh flowers to antiques and exotic cheese varieties, there’s something for everyone. If you know how to bargain, some great deals are waiting for you!

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